Direction de LEO

La direction de LEO Pharma est convaincu des 5 valeurs fondamentals :



“In LEO Pharma, we work with such joy and dedication that it’s impossible not to feel confident about the future. Together – as LEO People – we have the best basis for securing our common future: a passion for the company and a passion for developing competitive products. I am proud of LEO Pharma and I am proud to work among so many capable and dedicated people.” Gitte P. Aabo, CEO.


Customer focus

"We want to broaden our offerings to our end customers, the patients. We want to embrace all the problems people suffering from dermatological diseases are faced with." Gitte P. Aabo, CEO.



“Integrity is doing the right thing. When you hold a LEO Pharma product in your hand, you should feel certain that the product has the right quality and the promised effect!” Gitte P. Aabo, CEO.



“Sometimes making fast manoeuvres as we do at LEO Pharma is only possible because we are adaptable and have incredibly flexible employees.” John Mehlbye, Executive Vice President, Global Product Supply



“Innovation is finding new and better ways of doing things. Innovation is included in the LEO Fundamentals partly to capture the original LEO spirit, partly because innovation is crucial to fulfil the LEO mission: to generate improved treatment options. ” Lars Olsen Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing.



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